Wooden floor repairs

Some home renovations require only a repair to a section of your wooden floor. We will source a matching suitable wood for the job whether it be parquet block floors, mosaic tiles or a type of solid wood. With wood being a natural product you will initially see variations between old and new wood used for the repairs but this will mellow and blend with natural light and time.

We will supply a quotation giving the cost of materials and an hourly rate for repair works. Should the floor be in need of a sand and varnish after the repair that will be quoted at a per square meter rate. On acceptance of the quote a suitable date and time will be programmed with you.

sa pine floor that cupped before
SA pine floor that cupped from moisture. Before

Most family homes will take 2 to 3 days to complete depending on the size and finishes required. The family can occupy the house whilst the work is being done and can use the newly repaired, sanded and varnished floors within a day of the last coat being applied.

SA pine floor that cupped from moisture. After
SA pine floor that cupped from moisture. After

Get help with your wooden floor repairs!

assistant-64We operate in all areas in the Boland and Western Cape and will stay over if the job is a distance from Stellenbosch such as a holiday home or remote destination.

Contact Tim Christian today on his cell 082 442 5244 for a free personalized quotation or contact us for advise with your wooden floor repairs, sanding and varnishing or the installation of solid wood and all types of laminated flooring.